Three Chords to Freedom

A Word and State-of-Being That Scares the Shit Out of a Lot of People

never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Tea Parties, Town Halls, and Turkeys

What is with the disruption (sometimes violent) of the health care congressional town halls? What’s with all of the yelling and screaming by people who think they have a right to shout down anybody who disagrees with them? I could have sworn the First Amendment (free speech ring a bell anyone?) was to protect the […]

Who the Hell is IPS anyway?

I stumbled across a news organization called Inter Press Service News agency. They talk about representing the downtrodden, etc. in a mission statement that says… “IPS raises the voices of the South [???? Southern Hemisphere? South Africa?] and civil society [???]… IPS tells the story underneath.” OK, maybe so. But why in the world would […]

Sort-of Saving Second Base

As the Colorado Rockies prepare for their first World Series, it is interesting that something else has popped up in the news. It seems that Haley and Jessica, two girls from a Salina Kansas high school, decided to raise some money for breast cancer charities by selling a t-shirt. Unfortunately their plan ran into a […]

Thoughts on this September Day – the 11th

A food court, fifty feet away from the noise and light of the Venetian hotel casino, seems like an odd place to be working today. September 11. I stepped out of the shower this morning, and put on old blue — my old, beaten, comfortable NYPD t-shirt. It’s been a tradition on this day since […]

Hugs for Pakistani Minister – and a Single-Finger Salute to her critics

Here is a single-finger salute to the two Pakistani clerics from the Lal Masjid mosque who issued an edict against the country’s minister of tourism. The fatwa alleges that SHE (we at 3c2f will ALWAYS support women in high office) hugged her parachute instructor after a fundraising jump in France. A jump for the purpose […]

Hard Drinkers, Have We Got a Town for You!

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, over 100 people showed up for a City Council Meeting in Lilburn GA to talk about a new ordinance that would ban karaoke, trivia games, card playing and dancing. Wow! Whut do ya do? Hell, Jimmy Rex, bars are for drinkin’ you know that! Ever time somebody starts singin’ […]

Cranial Crap Award – March 8

This week’s “My Cranial Cavity is Full of Bricks and Sh*t” award goes to Sean McManus of CBS news. It seems that the CBS News with Katie Couric had slipped too far away from vanilla since coming on the air. He stated something about being ‘consistent enough so that every night you know what to […]

Cranial Cavity Award – February 28

The current “My Cranial Cavity is Full of Bricks and Sh*t” award (the inaugural winner by the way) is the City Council for the City of Largo Fla. It seems that the City Manager, who has done a “commendable” job for the past 14 years has been canned. The reason? According (in an AP report […]

Pikes Peak Writers Conference

Freedom of expression for writers world-wide is one of the tools of freedom for humanity. To that end, I’m including the announcement below… thanks, April 20-22, 2007 Colorado Springs Marriott. The Pikes Peak Writers Conference started in 1993 and each April, brings the New York publishing industry to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a weekend packed […]